GB Instapro APK is one of the best & rejigged versions of Instagram. It has a lot of GB & pro features for an awesome Insta experience. It provides you with many useful privacy options. In these options, other people can’t see our online status. They will not be informed about their messages seen.Many more, this wonderful application provides us to download media from it. We can get the reels, images, IGTV videos, and the in their full HD print. This superb app provides us to zoom in on the profile in its high quality. The private accounts have extra security features in it. It is very difficult to get any information about these accounts.

More About GB Instapro APK

This amazing application allows you to get these basic things about them. Hide your last seen status in chats on Instagram. Hide the availability of the active status on this social media application. Don’t let other users to know about your personal activities.

As we know that Instagram is the world’s most famous application. It is in the top listed applications in which you can get a large variety of content in it. You can get followers in this application. You can become the most famous person on Instagram by posting your contacts on it. So, you can edit your posts, videos, photos, and other media on it. After posting videos they will appear on the account of other people in this way you will get more followers on it. You will be informed about the followers with the help of the available tracker. It will give you the latest information about the people following you.

   gb insta pro

GB Instapro APK provides you with more information and facilities as compared to the other Instagram applications. So, you should download this application instead of the other unknown applications. You will be more excited after getting useful services with the help of this amazing app. Just read the available features given below.


The introduction of GB Instapro APK has revealed that this superb application is one of the best apps. So, you need to get more data about it with the help of the given features.

Safe and Secure Use

This Instagram application is completely safe for you. Many unknown applications provide you with their features but they are very unsafe. So, you should not visit any other site. If you want the security of your personal device then you should get this application. It is very secure so you don’t need any worry. Just enjoy the features of this app and keep your personal data and files completely safe.

Download Images

In this featured app you don’t need to use any third-party applications. Yes, now it is available to save the images and videos to download from GB Instapro APK. Yes, it will be the best experience of your life. Now, all of your wishes to save any media for Instagram are going to be fulfilled. Yes, don’t miss this opportunity because it will never be provided to you again.

GBInstaPro APK


Zoom in Profile Photos

In the official application, there are many incomplete things in it. You can’t even zoom in on the profile photos. You can’t see the profile of your friends and other users on it. The developers of this superb application have resolved this issue completely. Now, you not only zoom in on the profile but you can also choose to download them.

HD Appearance of Media

This amazing app contains all the HD content in it. It means the quality of all the images and videos will remain in their full HD quality. While posting on the official application you face many difficulties. In this app, all of these limitations and unwanted things are restricted. Now the media will remain in their official quality after their posting. The other videos can also be downloaded from it in full HD quality. So, the quality loss is far away from GB Instapro APK.

Track Your Followers

As we know that a list of our followers is available in this application. You can get basic information about your followers. Yes, you will get all the notifications that you had followed on Instagram. If you think that it should also be available to track the people who had unfollowed you. Yes, it is also available in it. Now, get the quickest services to get knowledge about your followers.

Security Locker

All android users are not provided with the app locker. We can’t lock our apps in the absence of this facility. In this way, our personal applications are insecure from other people. This amazing application insures you its security without any complications. The locker in this app will be used to lock your application. You just need to open the app and enable this feature from the setting.

Available Themes to Change

In this application, you can get different kinds of themes available in it. Yes, these themes will provide a better look to your Instagram account. You can make your interface attractive by customizing the themes available in this application. The light mode and the dark mode will help you to use this application according to your personal choice.

Chat with Friends

GB Instapro APK also allows you to message other users on Instagram. Almost all of us use Instagram in our daily life. Within a little time, it has become the most important application. Now, you can make voice or video calls on this application. You can message your friends and other people. If you are managing your business deals on this social media application then you can’t find the best opportunity from any other platform. It will help you to have a friendly conversation with the other users.

Copy Texts on It

Sometimes we need to copy some texts on Instagram. Due to the limitations of the official app, we are unable to do so. Don’t worry now you can copy different texts on this application. Copy comments, bios, texts, links, and other texts on different posts.


The feature to translate the texts on GB Instapro APK is the best facility. As Instagram is a worldwide application. There are millions of people using this application. They belong to different languages and countries. So, this application provides you will all of these languages with their translation. In this way, you will have the opportunity to chat with these people without any difficulty. Now, translate their messages and answer them in their languages with a single click.


Are there premium services of GB Instapro APK?

The premium services of this application are free.

How is the Interface of the GB Instapro app?

It is very easy to use this application because of its simple interface.

Is GB Instapro app available on a PC?

No, it can not be used on a PC.

How to download media in the GB version of Instapro?

This application will allow you to download media from it with a single click.



After the completion of its installation, the users are allowed to save the stories on it. You will always be provided to get the videos and reels from it. While using the official application you can’t get the reels and videos. You can easily get the image and share them on other applications to download. The amazing privacy options are also very useful for users. It is always comfortable to use for the users. The satisfaction of the users is the first duty of the users.

You will never be harmed by any kind of virus. The interface is very safe and it is very easy to use it. The interface will allow you to choose anything on it. You will always be ready to explore different things on it. The HD graphics are very cool to use. This light weighted application can be downloaded with the availability of very low storage.

So, be ready to use it without having any impact on your personal files and other activities. The locker available in this application will allow you to lock your account. Now, your account is safe from other users. The pain of scrolling ads is completely away from your life. You will never see any advertisement and all the entertaining contents are easy to access.